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Why breathe well?

You can’t imagine what correct breathing can bring you

  • Relax your central nervous system
  • Balance your brain and body
  • Boost your immune system
  • Helps you make better decisions

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“Muy interesante, el poder comparar datos de ejercicios y las gráficas nos dan unos datos muy interesantes”

Jaime Tañá


“Aplicación super útil me está sirviendo de mucho siendo terapeuta , lo estoy transmitiendo a todo el mundo. deportista incluidos que nos hace ganar en Rendimiento. Un 10”

Daniel Porro


“A simple and useful app…Easy to use. It helps me with my day to day…”

Frances Jones


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Frequent questions

Isn’t breathing an automatic function?

Yes, but after 2 world wars, a savage industrial revolution and the loss of 70% of the forest mass, our environment has changed so much, that now it leads us to get sick, if we do not modify it.

I breathe well, why use the app?

We all believe that, but when you start to breathe correctly, your life changes, you take control.

What is the health test for?

To know what level of health you are in and what you should do to improve it.

Can I solve my allergies?

Definitely. We breathe three times more than we need and therefore you take three times more allergens than you should.

Does the breath really do all this?

This and much more, depends on where you want to go. Breathing well balances your entire body and de-stresses your brain.