About us

About Us

We are people interested in people and in life.
We have been researching health, personal relationships, self-knowledge, our relationship with nature, society, family, love, happiness for ten years.
We have discovered that people are truly extraordinary, that our body is incredible, amazing, that if we train it we can reach unimaginable heights. We understand this very well for all our external functions, sports, studies, etc., but can you imagine training vital functions as well? Breathe correctly, eat responsibly to make correct digestions, sleep so that you can rest completely and therefore assimilate 100% of the day's learning, make correct decision-making because we have well-trained intuition and instinct, forgetting ourselves from disease because our immune system is powerful and keeps our central system serene.
This is our project and the proposal that we make to you, to have a dignified life and be happy, all using your own physical and mental resources.

More than 10 years of experience

In 2009 we developed a face-to-face method to teach people who felt bad and had different symptoms, almost all related to stress and anxiety, to breathe correctly. An easy, measurable and 100% natural method, based on logic, common sense and good habits
Ten years later, with accumulated experience and with more than 1000 students who have managed to take control of their health and life, we have developed the Reset life app, which guides you to do basic breathing exercises and a manual of good habits and exercises, which will become your essential tool to enjoy an exceptional health and quality of life.

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An easy, measurable and 100% natural method, based on logic, common sense and good habits Jaime Taña, CEO Reset Life