Sleep is essential for our body to rest, but it is also the time when our brain records what we have lived and learnt during the day and what it has stored in our subconscious.

Our subconscious:

Psychoanalysis defines our subconscious as being the least accessible part of our mind, where repressed memories and impulses are found.

Our subconscious or unconscious is an original term in psychoanalysis and refers to everything that we have stored under our own consciousness, as if it were hidden. we cannot see it with our eyes. It is the same as what we see with icebergs.  Due to this, it is very difficult for people to access the information that we have stored there.

Examples of how our subconscious works

Some examples:

Dreams:  Persons who has suffered a traumatic experience in their childhood may have dreams related to it even if they do not consciously remember it.

Unconscious actions: persons who represses their personality or interests in an unconscious way but when or if they consume alcohol or drugs, become uninhibited and show themselves as they really are.

Lapsus Linguae: when we are talking about a subject and suddenly say a word or phrase that has no relation to what we are talking about.

The moments in which this type of information that we have stored in our subconscious usually comes to light occur when our level of consciousness decreases

Until we learn how to breathe correctly, if we have trouble sleeping, we can do the following exercise:

Put two pillows under your head and one under your back

Breathe normally inhaling and exhaling using only your nose, mouth closed.


Exhale, without pauses, until all the air is expelled

Repeat until you fall asleep

To avoid breathing using your mouth while you are asleep, cover it with surgical paper tape.  To avoid feeling discomfort, you can do a test before going to sleep to get used to it. If you take it off during the night, it doesn’t matter, in a few days you will get used to it, as you will find you rest much better.

Tips to sleep better

Eat a frugal dinner, keep in mind that if you go to sleep you do not have the same energy needs as when you are awake

Keep a sleep routine, try to go to bed and wake up at similar times.

Control the temperature of the bedroom, it should be cool.

Turn off all the lights in the bedroom.

If you sleep deeply for five hours, you are going to rest more than sleeping badly 8 hours.

Do not discuss or talk about problems before going to bed, we should consider it a time to relx and be calm.

Do not extend your afternoon naps more than 30 minutes.

Do not make sleeping a major issue. if you wake up , meditate for 5 minutes with the exercise of “correct breathing” and drink an infusion with honey and a pinch of Himalayan salt or pink salt

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