Our immune system

Our immune system is our body’s natural defense against infection. Through a series of steps, our body fights and destroys invading infectious organisms before they do harm. When our immune system is working properly, it protects us from infections that cause illness.

Scientists have begun to understand our immune system. They have been able to understand how it works in detail.

Researchers are generating more information about how it works and what happens when it does not work well. our thoughts, our emotions, the way we handle situations, all this affects our immune system.

 We must begin to understand that “we are what we think” to find out why por brain gives different orders to our Immune System.

The key is in oxygenation. Oxygen is the foundation of our immune system to stay strong and to help our brain make the right decisions.

 Learn to how breathe correctly.

You can’t imagine what breathing correctly can do for you.

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