Pandemics and our lifestyle

Pandemics have ravaged the earth since the beginning of time. They have always had a common denominator, the lack of hygiene and a depressed immune system of the population. Since smallpox, typhus, the Spanish flu, HIV or Covid, the factors are always the same.

Our lifestyle is not sustainable. But what does this mean? 

Well, nothing less than this ….The air we breathe is terribly polluted by a wild industrialization, which offers us vehicles, drugs, highly polluting technology. Our food is based on ultra-processed junk food and our creed is money as the only true god.

The most advanced countries,  export their garbage to the poorest countries and thus washing their image to  seem more “cleaner”, without wanting to see that there where the rubbish is sent , it is burnt  or thrown into the sea, thus continuing to wrap the planet with our garbage

It is not without curiosity that we admire all those who have managed to make their fortune by poisoning us, making us sick and deceiving us with misleading publicity and false promises of a better future.

The future has arrived and it is shocking.

Do we have what we deserve? well probably, but we should define who deserves it.

I refuse to believe that several hundred million children who are refugees, who suffer from hunger and war, who are miserably poor, deserve this horror.

¿Alguna duda?