Quitting tobacco, you recover your health

Tobacco has become one of the leading causes of death. Its innumerable chemical components cause extremely serious diseases such as cancer, COPD or cardiovascular and brain damage.

Therefore, if you are a smoker or know someone close to you who has this “bad habit” read this post to know the benefits our body gains when one kicks the habit..

Is it worth quitting smoking?

Are you afraid of having a bad time with withdrawal symptoms?

Will you get any benefits from quitting?

Read on…

Quitting tobacco, you recover your heath

Even if you have been smoking for years, the human body has an amazing capacity to recover from the damage caused by past excesses. What’s more, the benefits of quitting smoking can be noticed just half an hour after smoking your last cigarette.

There are many drugs and therapies that can help you get out of this routine, so if you’re thinking of quitting once and for all, you have many ways of doing so.

Your health will improve immediately.

After 20 minutes of putting out your last cigarette…

After only 20 minutes your body is already recovering. The pulse and blood pressure are close to normal and your body recovers its basal temperature.

8 hours after the last cigarette…

After 8 hours, the nicotine and carbon monoxide has gone down in your blood system. And this is really important because carbon monoxide deprives the body of the oxygen it needs to feed all its cells.

You may find yourself nervous and wanting to smoke  to lessen the symptoms. Don’t worry, this reaction will only last about 10 minutes. Distract yourself, go for a walk or exercise. This will help you change your focus and forget about that longed-for cigarette.

After 12 hours…

Your blood carbon monoxide levels will return to normal. Your heart will pump blood efficiently and all the cells in your body will get enough oxygen to keep working properly.

After 24 hours…

If you let a single day go by without trying a cigarette, you will halve your chances of having a heart attack. As you can see, as little as 24 hours can help your body heal.

After 48 hours…

In only 48 hours you can recover the smell and taste of food. Your senses will be intensified because the entire cellular synapse is healing.

Strong withdrawal symptoms may appear at this time, feeling anxious or tired. This is normal, remember that this period is key to achieving your goal of quitting this harmful habit.

After 3 days……

Now, you  breathe better and have a feel better. Your lungs are healing remarkably and your whole immune system is slowly being strengthened.

After 3 months…

You have made great changes in your life. Your lungs are stronger and you can breathe much better than you did before. Now, you can practice sport  without getting tired and have a more positive attitude towards the change you are making.

After 9 months…

It has been quite a while since your last cigarette. you will notice that you have fewer colds and you will find yourself with much more energy.

After a year …

You have reached an important milestone in your life. Congratulations! The risk of having a heart attack has been halved and your body is now functioning properly.

Keep it up!

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