Stress, anxiety and fears

The lifestyle of today’s society is incompatible with health.

As our brain is mainly concerned with our survival, when it sees that our survival is under threat, it uses fear, stress and anxiety to let us know.

Dr Carvajal Posada stated:

“Fear causes more lumbago than all herniated discs, all joint problems, all spinal problems, because fear makes us literally put our tail between our legs and close the internal anal sphincter.  In that areas there is a center of very important energy and we close ourselves to life, we contract all the lumbosacral muscles.  This means that that part is poorly irrigated and that gives us terrible lumbago and that lumbago, is the clinical name … of fear.

If I can recognize the core of fear, if I can observe my body and see that my buttocks and all this part are contracted, if I can breathe towards that area and release the feeling of fear, and call fear and tell it “you are the best part of myself, when you ascend and reveal yourself, you are my prudence, you are no longer fear, but you are prudence, you are part of my love too ”.

When, through breathing, I manage to ascend that energy of fear and manage to transmute it to the altar of the heart, which is where the man who can heal and can heal life really is born, then the lumbago disappears.

My resentment, my hatred is often anchored in my joints.

I am totally rigid. Sometimes, with a clenched fist at night, unconsciously, ready to hit and attack. Well, that joint pain is frozen resentment in that part of my body.

If I can experience that pain and associate it with my feeling of anger and my resentment and I can understand that my resentment is something that is built in the solar plexus, that blocks the energy here and does not allow the energy to access my heart, nor my immune system, I can do much more than the rheumatologist, or I can help  a lot to cure and heal my arthritis and I am responsible, I do not have to wait for the rheumatologist to solve the problem for me.

The disease is my problem, it is not the doctor’s problem, it is my responsibility. Medicine cannot be the art of passing the buck to the doctor, because we pay him.”

Reset Life has found the link, the language, to understand what our body is telling us to be and stay healthy, Breathing Correctly..

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