The Essence

In recent days, all the information regarding the pandemic tells us “the virus hits the world”, “second wave of COVID-19”, as if we were at war against someone or something. We even use masks, screens, in  atrue Star Wars style.

There are many articles written by  professionals of professions, giving us all types of different information.

The main issue is that we don’t know what to do and we don’t know what to do because we have lost our essence as human beings.

The otter, as soon as it is born, already knows how to swim, little by little it learns to fish to feed itself and it does it better and better. Later on it learns and helps build its dam, what its home will be like and it does it better and better, and why? Because it has not lost its essence, it is still an otter, even if it is a wonderful hunter, even if it is a formidable architect, for the otter they are all collateral benefits, what is important, is its essence.

It’s still an otter! It keeps its environment clean, it takes care of its environment.

As human beings, we need to breathe to continue living.

Let’s do it the best we can, but without losing our essence as human beings. Let’s start again from the beginning, from the most basic, from our roots .

You can’t imagine what breathing correctly can do for you.


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